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"Luke's Kingdom": A series I remember from the 70s. Originally for UK and Australia Television. It did also run in German TV. It had the fantastic Oliver Tobias in the leading role.



Luke's Kingdom
TV-series, UK, AUS, 1976

13 episodes, 60 min.

31/Mar/76 A Sort of Gentleman
07/Apr/76 The Land Lovers
14/Apr/76 The Bait
21/Apr/76 A Man Worse Than Cormac
28/Apr/76 A Woman Waiting
05/May/76 The Man from Home
12/May/76 The Surveyor
19/May/76 The King's Gentleman
26/May/76 The Dam and the Damned
02/Jun/76 The Hypocrites
09/Jun/76 The Devil's Man
16/Jun/76 An Enemy Too Many
23/Jun/76 The Prisoner




As I see, when searching in the Internet, it did run originally 1976, not only in the UK and in Australia, but also in Germany.

This means, 2 years after "Arthur of the Britons".

I definitely DO remember, that Oliver Tobias's hair was even longer than (well, it had two years to grow <g>).

But the character he played seems to have been much more complicated and rougher.

Well, it played in Australia in the early 19th century after all, and it told the story of a family that went from England to Australia to settle there.

Luke was the son, and somehow he was the strong one of the family, the father was broken, and there was a lot of fighting going on about the land, they settled...

Why was it "Luke's" Kingdom? (And why a kingdom?)

Well, this I do NOT remember - and since some time I do think, it would be very nice to have a chance to re-visit and re-watch this series.

I do think, in retrospect, that I was then perhaps too young to understand fully the background of the story. And only now I have learned that Peter Weir directed some ot the episodes!

I would really appreciate it, to have a look again...

rg/5. December 2010

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